19-21 July 2019
Gallagher Convention Centre
Dog Judge - 2019
International FCI Best in Show Judge & Junior Handler Judge
Cat Judge - 2019 
Cat Fanciers Association All Breed Judge
The WODAC South African Dog Dancing Championships
The Kennel Union of Southern Africa/Wodac Dog Dancing Competition TBA
International Dancing with Dogs
Dog Judge - Jan Coppens - The Netherlands
WODAC welcomes Jan - his first visit to judge in our country.
Jan Coppens, born in 1953, is a co-ordinator integral safety/emergency response and crisis manager.
In 1983, Jan had his first Rhodesian Ridgeback, the well known Ch. Jock.  In 1984 he started, together with his wife Carla, JOCKULAR kennels. Many champions came from this kennel.
Jan writes articles for various dog magazines with personal illustrations.  Several books and learning resources published by the Dutch Kennel Club are illustrated by Jan.
Since 1985 member of kennel club De Kempen (board member for 17 years) and kennel club Waalwijk as Show organiser; since 2015 invited member of Royal Kennel Club Cynophilia; since 2018 vice chairman of VKK - judges association.
Dog trainer since 1989.  Since 1993, lecturer and examiner cynological knowledge of the Dutch Kennel Club 'Raad van Behaar'.
From 2009 to 2012 Jan was Chairman of the committee for the sighthound racing and coursing sport in the Netherlands. Active with innovations in the field of education and training and substantially for the orgnization of the European Championship Coursing 2011.
Jan has judged since 1991 and is qualified for the FCI groups 6 and 10 and most of FCI-group 5 breeds and Weimaraner Gr7.   He is a FCI Best in Show judge and Junior Handling judge.  He is a speaker at various shows.  Jan is a Ridgeback breed specialist listed as an A1 judge.
Judged in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Estonia, Findland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Slovenia, Sweden and Switzerland.
It is an honour to have Jan officate at our 24th World of Dogs & Cats Exhibition and we welcome him on his first visit to South Africa.
Cat Judge - Kathy Calhoun - United States of America
 Kathy Calhoun was born and raised in the Chicago area.  After graduating from the University of Illinois with a degree in Biology, she moved to Battle Creek Michigan where she worked for the Kellogg Company and began to breed and show Tonkinese.   Over the years, Kathy expanded her breeding program to include American Shorthairs, American Wirehairs and Maine Coons.   Maine Coons remain her primary breed.  Kathy has lived and exhibited in Michigan, Atlanta, Minnesota and Chicago.  Her cattery 5800 Dreams was established in 1991 in Battle Creek.
Kathy has had numerous grand champions, grand premiers and regional wins.  she has also had natinal winning Maine Coons and American Wirehairs.  Kathy has been a CFA Judge since 2007.  While going through the judging program, Kathy bred and exhibited Persians, Abyssinians, Oriental Shorthairs, chartreux, and Devon Rex cats.  She has judge in Russia, China, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Brazil, Japan, Indonesia, Maylasia, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Kuwait and of course the USA.  Kathy is currently working with Lykoi cats and hopes to see them accepted in championship in CFA.
Kathy has also served the Cat Fanciers Association as a Regional Director for six years and the National Treasurer for 13 years.  Kathy currently lives in Chicago, where she enjoys the fancy and spending time with her son Gregory and his wife Liz and their dog Lola.
We welcome Kathy on her first visit to South Africa.
International DOG Judges from 1996 todate :-
2019 - Mr Jan Coppens (The Netherlands) - Gallagher Convention Centre
2018 Mr Jose Homem de Mello (Portugal) - Gallagher Convention Centre
2017 Mr Csaba-Zsolt Lokodi (Romania) - Gallagher Convention Centre
2016 Mrs Zeljka Fon Zidar (Slovenia) - Gallagher Convention Centre
2015 Mr Philip John (India) - Gallagher Convention Centre
2014  Professor Ma Rocio A De Vega (Philippines) - Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand
2013  Mr Shharat Sharma (India) - Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand
2013  Mr Godofredo B. Salud (Philippines) - KZN Durban Exhibition Centre, KZN 
2012  Snr. Ramon Podesta (Chile) - Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand
2011  Alfonso Thovar Y del Solar (Spain) - Gallagher Convention Centre, Midrand
2010  Harry Vella (Malta) - Good Hope Centre, Cape Town
2009  Ana Beatrez Knoll (Brazil) - Coca Cola Dome, Johannesburg
2008  Eugene Yerusalimsky (Russia) - Coca Cola Dome, Johannesburg
2007  Horst Kliebenstein (Germany) - Durban Exhibition Centre
2006  Peter and Peggy Bailey (United Kingdom) - Coca Cola Dome, Johannesburg
2005  Horacio Pizzorno (Uruguay) and Torbjorn Skaar (Sweden) - Coca Cola Dome, Johannesburg
2004  Kath and Gerald Mitchell (United Kingdom) & Hans van den Berg (Holland) - Coca Cola Dome, Johannesburg
2003  Wendye Slatyer (Australia) & Sean and Kathy Delmar (Ireland) - Coca Cola Dome, Johannesburg
2002  Wendy Streatfield (United Kingdom/SA) - Durban Exhibition Centre
2001  Partha Sekhar Chatterjee (India) - Durban Exhibition Centre
2000  Elke Peper (Germany) - Durban Exhibition Centre
1999  Wera Hubenthal (Norway) - Durban Exhibition Centre
1998  Mike Stockman (United Kingdom) - Durban Exhibition Centre
1997  Bill Egan (Australia) - Durban Exhibition Centre
1996  Geoff Corrish (United Kingdom) - Durban Exhibition Centre
International CAT Judges from 1996 todate:-
2019  Kathy Calhoun - United States of America
2018  Andreas Kretschmer-Kraiczek - Germany
2017  Charles Spijker - FIFe All Breed Judge - The Netherlands 
2016  John Hansson - GCCF - United Kingdom
2015  Kaai du Plessis - europe Independence - The Netherlands
2014  Kurt & Tomoko Vlach - TICA - Austria
2013  Barbara La Rocca - ACF - Australia
2012  Dietmar Sagurski - FIFe - Germany
2011  Susan Game - ACF - Australia
2010  Cheryl U'ren - CCCA - Australia
2009  Stephe Bruin - FIFe - The Netherlands
2008  Pascal Remy - TICA - France
2007  tba
2006  tba
2005  Corinne Micaux - TICA - Belgium
2004  Alan Raymond - ACF - Australia
2003 back to 1996 - tba

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