19-21 JULY 2019




The ideal opportunity to promote responsible pet ownership.    Have your own dedicated stand and promote your breed, club, rescue organisation and dog training facility.

CLUBS, BREEDERS, RESCUE (see list under Welfares)
HALL 4 - HALL OF DOGS - 2019
Afghan Hound Club - Hall 4 - clair75@gmail.com
Bundu Valley Boerboels - Hall 4 - tysel@wol.co.za
Chevindale Dobermanns* - dogscats@iafrica.com
Chevindale Standard Schnauzers* - dogscats@iafrica.com
Destiny Basset Hounds - Hall 4 lientjie@destinybassethounds.com
Dewton Mini Long Haired Dachshunds - Hall 4 faye@qss.za.net
Picasso Neapolitan Mastiffs - Hall 4 info@delpicasso.com
Randglen Rough Collies -  Hall 4 de_taranto@hotmail.com
Randglen & Merrymead Hungarian Pulis and Bearded Collies - Hall 4  stroppy_mw@yahoo.com/de_taranto@hotmail.com
Scherzando Giant Salt & Pepper Riesen Schnauzers - Hall 4 info@scherzando.com
Siann Pekingese  - Hall 4 - sonja081@gmail.com
Ysterberg Mastiff Breed Council -  Hall 4 bloemlzt@gmail.com
Westberg Kennels - English & French Bulldogs - Hall 4 - rinavdw03@gmail.com/westbergkennels@gmail.com
 *email only
SA Lipizzaners
Earth Centre - SARDA

Gauteng - Beth Babbin - 011-7952966

Kwazulu Natal - Brian Blades - 031-7654286/083 645 6421

Breed Registering
The Kennel Union of Southern Africa - Hall 5 - 021-4239027 - dawn@kusa.co.za 

This is one the most popular areas at the exhibition and offers prospective dog owners the ideal opportunity to talk to the various breed representatives and find out from the experts which breed would suit their family and lifestyle.   You will find The Kennel Union of Southern Africa Breed Group stands in this section with representatives on their stand who can assist you with all your canine queries.

It is also the perfect opportunity for all responsible breeders or lovers of a particular breed to promote and spread the word of "responsible pet ownership" to the public on a first hand basis. Gold Medal Awards for the most informative and decorative stand in each catagory. For further details please email info@dogscats.co.za

You'll be amazed at what you'll experience in our canine section

The section features numerous different purebreeds together with the real experts on each breed - the people who own and live with them! Every day they'll be on hand to give vital advice and guidance on temperament and characteristics, grooming, feeding and exercise needs - information that is vital for responsible dog ownership. This section is not just educational though, it's great fun!

Here you'll be able to stroke and get to know all the breeds and who knows, if you don't have one now, you could discover that somewhere amongst the seven canine groups is the perfect companion for your family!

There will also be over 100 commercial exhibits including food and nutrition, flea control and animal care, in fact, everything under the sun that you and your pet could desire. In addition, a renowned animal behaviourist will be available to assist people with problem dogs!

If you want to find out what breed is suitable for you, visit this area. Each day experts on the various breeds will be on hand to give vital advice and guidance on the temperament, characteristics and grooming, feeding and exercise requirements of the vast range of different breeds - information vital for responsible dog ownership.

Chat to the various clubs regarding membership, training, etc. Also an opportunity to discuss individual needs with experts and to appreciate decisions to be taken when considering 'Which Breed'.

ALL OTHER ENQUIRIES - contact info@dogscats.co.za 


Oh Lord of Humans, make my master faithful to his fellowman as I am to him.  Grant that he might be devoted to his friends and family as I am to him.   May he be openfaced and undeceptive as I am;  May he be true to trust reposed in him as I am to his.  Give him a face cheerful like unto my wagging tail;  Give him a spirit of gratitude like unto my licking tongue.  Fill him with patience like unto mine that awaits his footsteps uncomplainingly for hours.    Fill him with my watchfulness, my courage and my readiness to sacrifice comfort or life.   Keep him always young in heart and crowded with the spirit of play even as I.   Make him as good a man as I am a dog.