10 Reasons why you should be at WODAC 2019

to celebrate its "24th Show"

19 - 21 July 2019

The atmosphere and energy at WODAC is unmatched by any other expo.

WODAC generated almost R10Million in their 2016 PR & Marketing Campaign

Over 54,000 visitors visit the WODAC website in the run up to the event

WODAC has a large following on Facebook with over 14,000 followers

Promoting Responsible Pet Ownership through education

A place to discover the possibilities, opportunities and rewards of pet ownership

Exciting, fun and highly entertaining arena events throughout the day

WODAC attracts new visitors & exhibitors each year

WODAC offers something to delight every member of the family

Amazing venue with loads of visitor parking

WODAC has been in existence since 1996 and has become a MUST visit Expo

WODAC is supported by all major Pet Companies

WODAC has a highly professional PR & Marketing Team that can assist you in making your participation a success

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